About the beta launch date

Due to struggles with my motivation, after having worked on Codemander for several years, I've had to postpone the launch of any beta test until later this year - 2020.

Hopefully my motivation will come surging back soon so that I'll be able to finish what needs to be completed and launch a beta.

Thank you for your patience and support if you have registered to receive an invitation.

- Kurt I. Gronbech - 31.03.2020.

About us

The Codemander Platform has been created by Kurt I. Gronbech, Trondheim, Norway.

Starting out as a proof-of-concept with our automatic Photoshop to HTML/CSS the platform has evolved to become a full-fledged development platform for ASP.NET Core/ASP.NET 5 with built-in server-side debugging.

Our mission

Codemander empowers designers and developers with powerful online web development tools.

Codemander aims to empower teachers and students to better teach and learn coding.

Codemander aims to streamline communication and collaboration between designers and developers.